We value the role in cultivating the next generation of believers. St. John's has decided to bring bible school to your living room. Each week we will upload a bible lesson


Let's get excited for Jesus! This 3-5 minute worship video will usher in the high energy excitement for the following bible lesson. Get ready to clap, dance and sing praises unto the Lord! 


All bible lessons can be taught in a family group setting and adjusted to K-5th grade levels. These interactive lesson are uploaded every Sunday & Wednesday.

Bible Lesson: Telling Kids about George Floyd

Weekly Bible Study


Romans 10:17 reminds us that "faith come by hearing, and hearing by the word of God". Keep your little one centered by starting each day with prayer and a memory verse in the morning! To add fun to the memorization, we recommend that you make a cool craft or poster for each week for each verse. We update the memory verse each Sunday!


Each bible lesson is accompanied with a craft, game or activity to add movement to the message! The materials or props needed are recommended, but can we creatively substituted to fit your home resources. This activity section is one of the children's favorite section on our website.


It's always a good time to color for Christ! We provide a new coloring sheet every Sunday and Wednesday to add some quick and easy creative time to your week.

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