Path to Freedom Prison Ministry

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Welcome to the Path To Freedom Prison Ministry

THE PATH TO FREEDOM endeavors to change the prison cycle through sharing unconditional love and hope with men and women in prison, persons who have returned to society from jail or prison, and families affected by the prison cycle. Our mission is to inspire persons in and coming out of prison to live a free and abundant life in Christ.

We are agents of hope and love in our communities. We invite Christ to use us to help men and women entangled in the prison cycle find the path to Freedom. The Path to Freedom Ministry welcomes all persons who have been in the prison system, have an incarcerated family member, or who simply want to help change the prison cycle. Through Christ and teamwork, we can CHANGE THE PRISON CYCLE–one brother, one sister, and one family member at a time! Join us!

Remember those who are in prison, as though you were in prison with them. ~ Hebrews 13:3
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St John's Path To Freedom Ministry
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Meetings: Monday’s @ 5:30 p.m.
Facilitator: Pastor Jonathan Chism
Phone Number: 713-659-3237 ext. 4020

Contact Information

Pastor Jonathan Chism
Phone Number: 713-659-3237 ext. 4020
Website: The Path to Freedom

Follow us: Facebook
Ministry Support

Path To Freedom Ministry T-Shirts – T-Shirts are available for sale in the bookstore.


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