Touch 1

Touch 1 is about people – committed to Touch One and Change the World and to make Hunger, Homelessness, and HIV a thing of the past. There’s only one side in this battle. As Touch 1, we are asking everyone to do more to fight Hunger, the indignity of Homelessness, and the pandemic of HIV.

The people of Touch 1 believe that providing basic needs like an adequate food supply, safe decent and sanitary housing, and HIV prevention will transform the futures and hopes of an entire generation in America and the world. Working together across America, Touch 1 members are using their collective voices to speak the truth in love to the people who can make the changes happen on behalf of the people who need change to happen. The goal of ending poverty may seem lofty, but it is within our reach if we take action together as one.

Touch 1 is a non partisan subsidiary of the Bread of Life, Inc.


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